The 5 Rules for Smarter Investing

Discover a smarter way to invest. Folio Investing is the brokerage built on The 5 Rules for Smarter Investing. Successful investors, like pension funds and endowments, have trusted these Rules for decades. With Folio Investing’s easy to use, commission-free brokerage platform, individual investors can now follow these Rules too. See for yourself.

Why Choose Folio?

Folio Investing combines the benefits of direct stock ownership, such as personalization, flexibility, transparency and tax efficiency, with the simplicity and diversification benefits of owning a mutual fund. Invest in as many stocks, ETFs or funds in as many accounts as you want — all for one low, flat fee. Our aim is to enable you to invest successfully.

The 5 Rules

Learn the five Rules that smart investors follow: diversify the right way to increase expected returns and reduce risk, meet your goals by personalizing your investments, reduce costs by minimizing fees and expenses, avoid poor timing by investing consistently and rebalancing appropriately, and minimize your taxes.

Folio Investing’s Patented Platform

Apply the 5 Rules of Smarter Investing today. By using Folio Investing’s patented platform, you can choose any of our Ready-to-Go Folios and customize them as you wish, and build your own investment portfolios with stocks, ETFs and/or mutual funds. You can invest using our tax management and automated investing tools. And you can even trade fractional shares, with no account minimum needed.