Brokerage Features

Tools to Manage Your Investment Portfolio – FolioTrade®

Manage your portfolio with special Folio tools: easily set target weights for each security, rebalance, buy and sell across all positions at once, etc.

Tools to Manage Folios »

Investor Questionnaire

Learn what kind of investor you are, and let us help you find the right investments.

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Performance Reporting

View the performance of your investments over any time period against popular benchmarks.

Performance Reporting »

Market Research

Stock market research powered by Quotemedia.

Stock Market Research »

Ways to Trade

Like other brokerages we offer market, limit, stop, and stop-limit orders but we also offer our patented window orders to make diversified investing very cost effective.

Ways to Trade »

Dollar Based Investing & Fractional Shares

Invest the exact amount of money you want, in any security you want, with our patented fractional share investing.

Dollar Based Investing & Fractional Shares »

Virtual Stock Trading Account

Use the Folios in your virtual stock trading account, also called a “Watch Account”, to test strategies without using real money.

Virtual Stock Trading Account »

Tax Features

Tax lot accounting features to help you minimize your taxes and maximize your returns, including automated tax strategies, tax downloads, gain/loss tracker and electronic tax documents.

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Security Exclusions and Filters

Create your own or select from our ready-made security filters. When you trade, we exclude securities (e.g., tobacco stocks) based on your sense of social responsibility or investing style.

Security Exclusions and Filters »

Protection and Security

We work hard to keep your information and your money safe. We also provide FDIC, SIPC, and additional private insurance.

How we keep your money safe »

Account Types

We offer many account types—from Roth IRAs to joint taxable accounts; and even business and trust accounts.

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Invest your money in Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Cash.

Additional Features

  • Auto Buy/Sell
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cost Basis Tracking
  • Gain and Loss Reporting
  • E-mail Alerts
  • Online Reports
  • Online Proxy Voting
  • Simplified Tax Records
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Give Folio Investing a try and you’ll understand why we believe we are the easiest and most effective way to manage your investments.

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If you are not satisfied during the first 60 days, then simply close your account. No Monthly Fee.1 No Obligation. No Kidding.

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Folio Investing Unlimited2 Plan: $29 per month

Unlimited2 Commission-Free Trades: Trade your entire portfolio or individual stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs in twice daily trading widows with no commissions.

Unlimited Accounts: Open as many IRA, joint, or individual accounts as you need.

Unlimited Portfolios: Choose from over 100 Ready-to-Go Folios built for sectors, geography, or investment styles, or build your own.

1. We won’t begin charging monthly fees until two months after you deposit funds into your account. Charges for special services or market, limit, stop and stop/limit orders will apply.

2. In the extraordinarily unlikely event that you have one or a combination of trading strategies where the total number of securities you trade in windows exceeds the incredibly high threshold of 2,000 in a calendar month we will charge a fifty cent ($0.50) fee for each additional security trade in a trading window over 2,000 in a calendar month which is more than most customers need or want. Most U.S. listed stocks, ADRs and ETFs are available in trading windows. We do not support most Pink Sheet, Bulletin Board or debt securities.