Window Trades

A Window Trade is an innovative way of placing trades designed for long term investors. Instead of executing immediately, trades are grouped together, matched internally and remaining orders are sent to market twice a day.

Window Trade Times*:

11 AM

Orders placed between 2 PM and 11 AM Eastern Time the next business day are matched and processed starting at 11 AM.

2 PM

Orders placed between 11 AM and 2 PM Eastern Time are matched and processed starting at 2 PM.

* We reserve the right to change these times without notice.

Why Window Trades?

  • Window Trades are commission-free under the Folio Unlimited Plan
  • Window Trades can be done for dollar amounts or for fractions of shares
  • Window Trades can result in a price improvement of the trade

Important Notes:

  • Mutual Funds can be traded in our windows and held as part of a Folio, but because of the way mutual funds trade, you will always receive the end of day pricing for buys and sells
  • Window trade processing begins at 11 AM and 2 PM. Actual orders will generally execute within one hour of these times

Real-Time Trades

In addition to our unique window trades, Folio Investing offers market, stop, limit and stop/limit orders for as low as $3 per trade. See our Pricing

Price Improvement with Window Trades

When you make a trade at a brokerage, there are two prices for each stock:

  • The price you can sell the stock, known as the bid price
  • The price you can buy the stock, known as the ask price

The difference between the two prices is known as the bid/ask spread. This amount is generally kept by the order processor and not given back to the investors.


The bid (sell) price for a stock is $20.00 while the ask (buy) price is $20.10. Therefore the bid/ask spread is $0.10 per share.

Window trades can result in a price improvement because when we match our customers’ buy and sell orders, we execute the trade internally at the midpoint of the bid/ask spread. Using the examples above, your buy or sell for the stock would be at $20.05, thus saving $0.05 a share for the buyer and the seller—in this example, that would save $5 per 100 shares.

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1. We won’t begin charging monthly fees until two months after you deposit funds into your account. Charges for special services or market, limit, stop and stop/limit orders will apply.

2. In the extraordinarily unlikely event that you have one or a combination of trading strategies where the total number of securities you trade in windows exceeds the incredibly high threshold of 2,000 in a calendar month we will charge a fifty cent ($0.50) fee for each additional security trade in a trading window over 2,000 in a calendar month which is more than most customers need or want. Most U.S. listed stocks, ADRs and ETFs are available in trading windows. We do not support most Pink Sheet, Bulletin Board or debt securities.