2010 Press Releases

Folio Investing Adds MarketGlide Folios from Business Logic

Expands Inventory of Brand Name Investment Selections


McLean, Virginia – Online brokerage Folio Investing announced today that it has added Business Logic Corp.’s MarketGlide Folios to its inventory of brand name investment strategies from third-party market professionals.

The patented Folio Investing system allows consumers to invest—in a single transaction—into a complete portfolio, called a “Folio.” The Folio may contain individual stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Investors can design their own Folios, or choose from more than 100 Ready-to-Go Folios that represent market indices, industry sectors, geographic regions, investment styles, and other categories. Folio Investing also offers Brand Name Folios that are created and maintained by outside investment professionals, in order to make it possible for consumers to invest in and follow their strategies.

The newest Brand Name Folio offering, the MarketGlide Folios, are based on the MarketGlide Target Date Indexes—indexes that track the investment strategies of the industry’s leading providers of target date funds. The MarketGlide Index methodology was recently published in the Journal of Indexes. (See Index methodology and links to article at www.marketglide.com.) The MarketGlide Folios include nine portfolios for investors who project retirement dates ranging from 2010 to 2050. The Folios are available to individual investors and to advisors.

“The Target Date Fund industry performance in the 2008 market downturn exposed the risks of relying on a single manager’s target date methodology,” said Dirk Quayle, president of Business Logic. “Using the MarketGlide Target Date Indexes, we blend the strategies of leading fund providers and implement the asset allocation with low-cost exchange-traded funds through Folio Investing. Investors in the MarketGlide Folios can benefit from professional strategies, and get all of the cost and control benefits of the Folio Investing system, while avoiding the risks of relying on a single manager.”

“We are very happy that Business Logic has chosen to use the Folio Investing platform and help us to expand the inventory of Brand Name Folios available for selection by our self-directed customers,” said Blaine McLaughlin, vice president of Folio Investing. “The arrangement allows investors to easily leverage the expertise and ongoing input of knowledgeable investment professionals, and take advantage of amazing flat fee pricing with no trading commissions, while still directing their own investments.”

Folio Investing has many Premium Brand Name Folios, which are available only to subscribers of selected investment newsletters, as well as several Brand Name Folios available to all customers at no additional charge.

Folio Investing does not offer investment advice and makes no representation, either explicit or implied, regarding the suitability of specific investments, models, or groups of model investments, including specifically the MarketGlide Folios, for individual investors or individual retirement plans. Folio Investing is not a fiduciary and the Folios noted are examples of possible low cost, diversified investments investors could chose to follow. Other investments are available on the Folio Investing platform. Individuals, retirement plan sponsors and advisors should review these investments and monitor them appropriately on an ongoing basis against appropriate benchmarks.

About Business Logic

Business Logic Corp. provides investment products and solutions for institutions and individual investors with its PlanOutcome software, MarketGlide index solutions, and Likeassets.com investor website. For more information visit www.marketglide.com.

About Folio Investing

Folio Investing, a division of FOLIOfn Investments, Inc., is an online brokerage that enables investors to manage stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds as integrated investment portfolios called “Folios” that deliver better control, greater transparency, and lower cost. Investors can create their own Folios, much like creating personalized ETFs or mutual funds, or invest in over 100 Ready-to-Go Folios representing market indices, sectors, geographical regions, target dates, and more. The Folio Unlimited Plan features unlimited commission-free trading in twice-daily windows for only $29 a month or $290 a year. Ready-to-Go Folios can be managed or unmanaged, are not registered investment companies, and are offered by FOLIOfn Investments, Inc., a registered broker-dealer. FOLIOfn Investments, Inc. does not provide investment, tax, or legal advice. FOLIOfn Investments, Inc., is a member of FINRA/SIPC.