2010 Press Releases

A Message From Our CEO


To Our Valued Customers,

Yesterday was a day of extreme market volatility. Some investors, confronted with great uncertainty and some confusion, reacted strongly, sending the market into a tailspin. Various marketplaces were forced to cancel certain customer trades, and some orders failed to execute altogether. Regulators and others will analyze yesterday’s trading for some time.

In contrast to some other firms, our website and systems performed flawlessly, and our customer service response times remained consistently good.

Our mission as a company is to encourage and enable you to be a smarter investor. So we make it easier for you to reap the benefits of a diversified portfolio, to reduce your investment costs, to invest consistently and for the long-term, and to customize your investments so they reflect your financial goals, your risk levels and your personal style. We provide you worthwhile innovations that support smarter investing, and eschew those that are designed to encourage you to just keep trading (and therefore generate commissions for the brokers that charge them). Finally, we provide you control over what you own—an advantage denied to mutual fund investors.

By embracing this approach, you position yourself both for long-term success as an investor and to overcome the panic that can set in for others due to events like yesterday’s.

We are delighted that our customers are able to invest smarter—and that we helped.

Thank you for being our customer.


Steven M.H. Wallman
FOLIOfn, Inc.