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Folio Investing Announces Third Quarter’s Top 5 RTG Folios


McLean, Virginia – Portfolios consisting of the stock of Internet companies or the securities of foreign firms constitute Folio Investing’s Top 5 performing Ready-to-Go Folios of the Third Quarter, the online brokerage announced today.

Folio Investing’s Ready-to-Go Folios are professionally designed model portfolios that investors can purchase in a single transaction. Using RTGs as building blocks, an investor can quickly assemble a complete and diversified portfolio. Various RTGs represent market indices, industry sectors, geographic regions, investment styles, target date investments and other categories.

The Internet Folio and Internet 5 Folio were among Folio Investing’s Top 5 performing RTG Folios for the quarter. The Internet 5 Folio, with a return of 28.06%, turned in the best performance overall. Both Folios consist of the stocks of large companies primarily engaged in business on the Internet.

The remaining three members of the Top 5 of the third quarter consisted of portfolios of foreign companies’ U.S.-registered securities (known as “American Depositary Receipts”). Folio Investing offers an array of pre-designed portfolios of foreign investments, including several Folios which track the Bank of New York Mellon ADR Indices.

The RTG Folio performance rankings for the third quarter reflect the very strong rally this quarter that particularly favored higher Beta assets and international equities. In the second quarter, the Top 5 RTG list consisted entirely of bear market and bond Folios.

Folio Investing’s Top Five Ready-to-Go Folios: Third Quarter 2010

RTG Folio Q3 Return
Internet 5 28.06%
European Oil and Gas 26.97%
Foreign Small-Cap 26.68%
Australia and New Zealand 25.43%
Internet 21.64%

Comparatively, the overall stock market, as represented by the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, increased 11.29% percent in the third quarter.

For quarterly performance data on all 150 RTG Folios, along with information on their holdings and methodologies, go to: www.folioinvesting.com/folioinvesting/rtg/.

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