The Folio 100 folio was developed for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation and volatility similar to the NASDAQ 100, which has historically been higher than the S&P 500.


The Folio 100 folio consists of the companies included in the NASDAQ 100, a market-capitalization weighted index. The NASDAQ 100 consists of the largest capitalized 100 companies that trade on the NASDAQ exchange.

With this folio you can achieve the benefits of index investing without the asset-based fees and other expenses typical of mutual funds and ETFs. The Folio 100 holdings are assembled by referring to the NASDAQ website for the current list of companies. The weights applied to each security in the list are based on a calculation we make using market capitalization data provided by Zacks. Unlike the NASDAQ, the Folio 100 RTG is rebalanced monthly so that new subscribers to the RTG can chose to buy at weights that have been calculated recently and so that the reference list of securities reflects additions and deletions of securities from the NASDAQ published holdings list. This folio seeks to track the returns of the NASDAQ 100, but because component weights are derived and the model is rebalanced monthly your funded folio may not always closely track the NASDAQ 100 over time.

Last Updated: February 23, 2018

Category: Market Index
Inception Date: 2000-04-05 00:00:00.0
Date Funded: 2009-08-31*

Folio S&P 500 Total Return
One-Month -1.29% -2.99%
Three-Month 8.03% 6.29%
Year-to-Date 7.63% 3.05%
One-Year 30.29% 18.34%
Three-Year (Annualized) 16.99% 11.39%
Five-Year (Annualized) 21.32% 14.99%
Since Inception 4.34% N/A
Volatility 13.62% 9.89%

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
See how returns are calculated

* Returns reflect model performance from the Inception Date to the Date Funded, and funded performance since the Date Funded, if funded. Your returns may deviate significantly from the values displayed here, due to many factors, including how long after a strategy has been updated that you place orders to update your holdings.

(% of Folio)
1AALamerican airls group inc com0.28%
2AAPLapple inc com9.79%
3ADBEadobe sys inc1.11%
4ADIanalog devices inc0.36%
5ADPautomatic data processing inc0.58%
6ADSKautodesk inc0.28%
7ALGNalign technology inc0.23%
8ALXNalexion pharmaceuticals inc0.30%
9AMATapplied matls inc0.65%
10AMGNamgen inc1.48%
11AMZNamazon com inc7.85%
12ASMLasml holding n v ny reg shs0.92%
13ATVIactivision blizzard inc0.59%
14AVGObroadcom ltd shs1.14%
15BIDUbaidu com inc spon adr rep a0.95%
16BIIBbiogen inc0.69%
17BMRNbiomarin pharmaceutical inc0.17%
18CAca inc0.16%
19CELGcelgene corp0.80%
20CERNcerner corp0.24%
21CHKPcheck point software tech ltd ord0.19%
22CHTRcharter communications inc del cl a new0.98%
23CMCSAcomcast corp new class a2.07%
24COSTcostco whsl corp new0.94%
25CSCOcisco sys inc2.45%
26CSXcsx corp0.56%
27CTAScintas corp0.20%
28CTRPctrip com intl ltd adr0.27%
29CTSHcognizant technology solutions cl a0.53%
30CTXScitrix sys inc0.15%
31DISHdish network corp cl a0.24%
32DLTRdollar tree stores inc0.29%
33EAelectronic arts inc0.43%
34EBAYebay inc0.49%
35ESRXexpress scripts inc cl a0.48%
36EXPEexpedia inc del com0.18%
37FASTfastenal co0.18%
38FBfacebook inc cl a5.77%
39FISVfiserv inc0.33%
40FOXtwenty-first century fox inc new0.77%
41FOXAtwenty-first century fox cl a new0.78%
42GILDgilead sciences inc1.18%
43GOOGalphabet inc cap stk cl c8.51%
44GOOGLalphabet inc cap stk cl a8.52%
45HAShasbro inc0.14%
46IDXXidexx labs inc0.18%
47ILMNillumina inc0.38%
48INCYincyte genomics, inc0.20%
49INTCintel corp2.39%
51ISRGintuitive surgical inc new0.52%
52JBHThunt j b trans svcs inc0.15%
53JDjd com inc spon adr cl a0.74%
54KHCkraft heinz co com0.97%
55KLACkla-tencor corp0.19%
56LBTYAliberty global plc shs cl a0.31%
57LBTYKliberty global inc ser c0.30%
58LRCXlam research corp0.34%
59MARmarriott intl inc new cl a0.55%
60MCHPmicrochip technology inc0.22%
61MDLZmondelez intl inc cl a0.74%
62MELImercadolibre inc com0.18%
63MNSTmonster beverage corporation new0.41%
64MSFTmicrosoft corp7.93%
65MUmicron technology inc0.57%
66MXIMmaxim integrated prods inc0.15%
67MYLmylan n v shs euro0.25%
68NFLXnetflix com inc1.35%
69NTESnetease com inc adr0.45%
70NVDAnvidia corp1.65%
71ORLYo reilly automotive inc0.24%
72PAYXpaychex inc0.27%
73PCARpaccar inc0.27%
74PCLNpriceline group com inc new1.03%
75PYPLpaypal hldgs inc1.05%
76QCOMqualcomm inc1.07%
77QVCAliberty interactive corporation ser a0.14%
78REGNregeneron pharmaceuticals0.40%
79ROSTross stores inc0.34%
80SBUXstarbucks corp0.89%
81SHPGshire plc adr0.45%
82SIRIsirius xm holding inc new0.31%
83SNPSsynopsys inc0.15%
84STXseagate technology plc shs0.16%
85SWKSskyworks solutions inc0.21%
86SYMCsymantec corp0.19%
87TMUSt-mobile us inc com0.57%
88TSLAtesla inc com0.63%
89TTWOtake-two interactive software0.14%
90TXNtexas instrs inc1.15%
91ULTAulta beauty inc new0.14%
92VODvodafone group plc adr0.86%
93VRSKverisk analytics inc cl a0.18%
94VRTXvertex pharmaceuticals inc0.46%
95WBAwalgreens boots alliance inc new0.79%
96WDAYworkday inc cl a0.29%
97WDCwestern digital corp0.28%
98WYNNwynn resorts ltd0.19%
99XLNXxilinx inc0.19%
100XRAYdentsply sirona inc new0.15%

Steps to Create This Folio

  1. The stocks in the folio are the same stocks used by NASDAQ to create the NASDAQ 100.
  2. Each stock’s weight is determined by its market capitalization in comparison to the total market capitalization of the folio. Therefore, the higher the market capitalization, the more the stock contributes to the overall index.

Number of Securities

There are generally 100 securities in this folio.

Update Frequency


If the characteristics of the folio have changed substantially, the securities included may change. Also, corporate actions, such as a merger, or other events may cause changes to the securities held at any time. Your returns may deviate significantly from the values displayed here, due to many factors, including how long after a folio has been updated that you place orders to update your holdings.