The High Income folio was developed for income-oriented investors seeking above-average distribution income as well as moderately aggressive long-term capital appreciation.


The High Income folio consists of stocks of companies that pay dividends and other types of securities that provide income distributions, such as MLPs (Master Limited Partnerships) and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). This folio is designed for investors seeking a high level of income distributions. This folio’s broad diversification across large established companies and entities from different industries potentially making it less volatile than income funds with less diversified investments.

Last Updated: May 24, 2017

Category: Investment Style
Inception Date: 2000-09-07 00:00:00.0
Date Funded: 2009-08-28*

Folio S&P 500 Total Return
One-Month -1.2% 1.47%
Three-Month -0.05% 2.04%
Year-to-Date 4.16% 8.26%
One-Year 19.16% 18.26%
Three-Year (Annualized) 7.12% 10.43%
Five-Year (Annualized) 13.1% 15.15%
Since Inception 10.74% N/A
Volatility 9.53% 9.58%

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
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* Returns reflect model performance from the Inception Date to the Date Funded, and funded performance since the Date Funded, if funded. Your returns may deviate significantly from the values displayed here, due to many factors, including how long after a strategy has been updated that you place orders to update your holdings.

(% of Folio)
1ADPautomatic data processing inc3.34%
2AEOamerican eagle outfitters new3.33%
3AGRavangrid inc com3.33%
4AQNalgonquin power & utilities co co3.33%
5BRXbrixmor ppty group inc com3.33%
6CAHcardinal health inc3.33%
7CBRLcracker barrel old ctry store com3.33%
8CNKcinemark holdings inc com3.33%
9CQPcheniere energy partners lp com unit3.34%
10GBDCgolub cap bdc inc com3.33%
11HASIhannon armstrong sust infr cap com3.34%
12HBIhanesbrands inc com3.33%
13HEPholly energy partners l p ut ltd ptn3.34%
14HLShealthsouth corp com new3.33%
15HTGChercules capital inc com3.33%
16HUBBhubbell inc new3.33%
17JNJjohnson & johnson3.33%
18LMTlockheed martin corp3.34%
19MOaltria group inc3.34%
20OMABgrupo aeroportuario ctr norte spon adr3.33%
21RAIreynolds american inc com3.33%
22RHPryman hospitality pptys inc new3.33%
23SABRsabre corp com3.33%
24STORstore cap corp3.34%
25Tat&t inc com3.33%
26TAHOtahoe res inc com3.34%
27TSMtaiwan semiconductor mfg ltd adr3.33%
28VNOMviper energy partners lp com unt rp int3.34%
29WSMwilliams sonoma inc3.33%
30WSO.Bwatsco inc cl b3.34%

Steps to Create This Folio

  1. We sorted U.S. exchange-listed securities, including MLPs (Master Limited Partnerships), by highest income distributions for securities with market capitalizations greater than $1 billion.
  2. We then screened for securities with a historical beta between 0.1 and 1. As a reference point, the S&P 500 has a historical beta of one and therefore this folio generally should be less volatile than the S&P 500.
  3. From this list, we selected the securities with the highest income distributions in each sector and targeted the sector weights to be comparable to those of the S&P 500.
  4. We equally weighted all securities in the folio.

Number of Securities

There are generally 30 securities in the folio.

Update Frequency


If the characteristics of the folio have changed substantially, the securities included may change. Also, corporate actions, such as a merger, or other events may cause changes to the securities held at any time. Your returns may deviate significantly from the values displayed here, due to many factors, including how long after a folio has been updated that you place orders to update your holdings.