MyPlanIQ folios are created and maintained by MyPlanIQ using a strategic asset allocation (SAA) strategy. This SAA strategy is based on modern portfolio theory (MPT) with emphasis on diversification and investment selection within each major asset class.

These are long-term core portfolios using liquid ETFs for each major asset class. These folios are designed to provide reasonable returns with lower risk than less-diversified investments.

Once at MyPlanIQ, you can also learn about our Tactical Asset Allocation models and folios. These are available for a low monthly fee and are designed to provide higher overall returns by shifting dynamically between major asset classes using asset trends. Learn More

Last Updated: July 26, 2017 Average Annualized Returns
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
Inception Date
1 Month
3 Month
Since Inception*
MyPlanIQ SAA Growth 08/12/2010 1.33% 2.81% 6.19%
MyPlanIQ SAA Moderate 08/12/2010 1.12% 2.47% 5.32%
MyPlanIQ SAA Balanced 08/12/2010 0.97% 2.91% 4.91%
MyPlanIQ SAA Conservative 08/12/2010 0.71% 2.25% 4.00%
MyPlanIQ SAA Very Cons 08/12/2010 0.45% 1.59% 3.16%

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results.