Account Protection and Security

We protect your assets with proven technology, processes, and insurance. Keeping your account information secure is of primary importance. Below are a few of the precautions you should know about:

Privacy Policy

Please review our Privacy Policy to understand why we need to collect your personal information and what we do to protect it.

FDIC Insurance

Cash deposits at Folio Investing are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), an independent agency created by the U.S. Congress in 1933 to help maintain public confidence in the nation’s financial system. One of its primary duties is to insure deposits in banks and thrift institutions. The FDIC also examines and supervises member institutions. If you would like more information about FDIC insurance, please visit or call the FDIC Consumer Hotline at 1-877-ASK-FDIC (1-877-275-3342).

Learn more about extended FDIC insurance coverage with Folio Investing

SIPC and Supplemental Insurance

FOLIOfn Investments, Inc. (FOLIOfn) is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). A brochure explaining the coverage provided by SIPC is available from FOLIOfn upon request or on SIPC’s website at In addition to SIPC coverage, FOLIOfn has also purchased from certain underwriters at Lloyds supplemental customer securities insurance with a total aggregate limit of $50 million. This coverage is limited to a combined return of $10 million to any customer from SIPC and certain underwriters at Lloyds. Neither SIPC nor the insurance coverage protect against losses resulting from a decline in the market value of securities.

Website Protection

Customer Access to Account Information

You create your own account log-in name and password to securely log-in to When you contact us by phone, our customer service representatives will always ask for account verification information before accessing your account.

Session Time-out

You are automatically logged-out of your account after 15 minutes of inactivity. This protects you from the potential threat of others accessing an unattended computer.

Account Lock-out

After three failed account access log-in attempts, you will be required to reset your password.


We utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for all browser access to our web platform services to ensure that any data entered into our website is encrypted to and from the browser being used. Depending on the browser, you can verify that SSL is enabled by clicking on the small company logo to the left of the URL, the padlock, or the key icons in the address bar. This action should display a digital certificate that verifies encryption and confirms the identity of the website. Check the certificate to ensure the web address matches the address on the certificate, the certificate is signed by a trusted certificate authority, and the date is current. Do not log into an account from any website if you’re unable to verify all of these items.

Protect Your Password

Your password is the key to your account. Don’t share it with others or store it as a file on your computer. Avoid using public computers, like those in cafes, libraries, hotels, etc. to access your account. They may contain keystroke monitoring software that Internet thieves can use to steal your username and password.

Password Protection Tips:

  • Use a combination of numbers, symbols and letters
  • Avoid the obvious, like a child’s name or spouse’s birthday
  • Use different passwords for each financial account you own
  • We will never ask for your password under any circumstances

Visit Frequently

Monitoring activity in your account is vital to your account’s security. Check it regularly and note the log-in information displayed in the My Accounts page for accuracy (see screenshot). Also, review your monthly statements and trading confirmations in your Statements & Tax Records. Be sure to report irregularities to customer service immediately.

Security Software

Be sure to keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware software up to date. There are many free and retail solutions on the market.


When you are done viewing your account remember to log-out and close your browser. Failing to do so exposes you to online fraud.

Browser Compatibility Requirements

Our website and platform are compatible with the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Mozilla Firefox (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Apple Safari (PC, Mac)
  • Opera (PC, Mac)

We encourage use of the most current versions of web browsers for optimal browsing. If you have trouble using our website and you are not using one of these browsers, we suggest you try using one from the list above. All of these browsers can be downloaded for free and will deliver an optimal web browsing experience.

E-Mail Safety

We follow e-mail security guidelines designed to avoid e-mail fraud and there are also precautions that you can take to protect your account. Internet fraud is often committed via e-mail, so be careful when communicating information electronically. We cannot stress how important it is to not send email with confidential account information, and we will never ask for your password.

Internet phishing scams ask you to verify sensitive customer information through e-mail. We will never ask for this information via an e-mail. Do not reply to any e-mail purporting to be from Folio Investing asking for personal account information.

What to do if You Suspect Internet Fraud?

Immediately report suspicious account activity or e-mail correspondence through the contact us form on our site and consider alerting the Federal Trade Commission at