What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • A Folio can contain up to 100 securities
  • A Folio can contain stocks, ETFs and mutual funds
  • You can have as many Folios as you like
  • Folios can be bought or sold in simple dollar amounts
  • You can buy or sell fractions of shares in Folios
  • Your account can contain as many individual Folios as you want
  • Automatic on-going investment contributions are easily setup
  • No commissions for buying, selling or modifying a Folio with our Folio Unlimited Plan
A special bundle of stocks, ETFs and Mutual funds you can buy, sell or customize in a single transaction.

What is a Folio:

A Folio is a special basket of securities with specific features offered by Folio Investing that can be managed or unmanaged by Folio Investing or other third parties and are not registered investment companies.

Ready-to-Go Folios

We have over 100 specially designed investment portfolios, what we call Ready-to-Go Folios to get you started. Each is built around a particular investing strategy—such as a market sector, investing style, geographic region, or retirement-focus—like our Target Date Folios. Every Ready-to-Go Folio has an overview of the securities in the investment portfolio as well as how they are selected and updated.

We revise and rebalance Ready-to-Go Folios periodically and we send you email alerts each time. You can act on these updates or not. When was the last time a mutual fund manager kept you in the loop?

Build Your Own Folios

We’ve made building your own Folios as simple as our Ready-to-Go Folios are to pick. Give each investment portfolio a name and add one stock or up to 100 stocks, ETFs or mutual funds to each. Build your own investment portfolio if you have your own stock picks, an investment strategy you like, or you’re following a blog, newsletter, forum, investment club or anything else.

Customize Your Folio

With one click, you can allocate your dollars equally across all of the holdings in your investment portfolio, use market cap weightings, or customize each security weighting. We’ll make sure it all adds up.

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