Our Values:

We have built our company around core values:

We provide advisors, their clients, and other investors with leading-edge innovation, offering better ways to invest made possible by the power of technology.

We act with the highest possible integrity and openness. No matter what the issue, we do our best to provide full disclosure and eliminate jargon and legalese.

We promote smarter investing by enabling cost-effective and easy customization, diversification and tax efficiency, and by offering highly unique products and services designed to help all our customers become more successful investors.

Case Studies

Want to know how others are using our services? Our case studies give examples of how real advisors are leveraging our platform for their client management and custodial needs.

Delivering a Fully Managed, ETF-based 401(k) Solution

Main Management

Hafeez Esmail

Main Management, a pioneer in active ETF investing, is an independent advisory firm founded in 2002. The firm is committed to delivering transparent and cost-effective investment solutions…

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Offering Model Portfolios of Individual Equities Cost-Efficiently

Ifrah Financial Management

Patrick Ifrah

Patrick Ifrah — President, CEO and one of the founders of Ifrah Financial Services wanted to offer clients more than just mutual funds…

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Implementing Quantitative Trading Strategies at a Low Cost

Financial Trust Asset Management Chartered

Arno Mayor

For over twelve years, Financial Trust Asset Management Chartered has been offering clients quantitative equity portfolio management services…

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Avoiding Expensive Back Office Infrastructure

Sopher Investment Managment, Inc.

Myron Sopher

Since its founding in 1992, the mission statement of Sopher Investment Management has been, “We build and sustain wealth”…

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Spending More Time on Research and Development

Validea Capital Management

John Reese, Jack Forehand, Justin Carbonneau

Validea Capital Management has its roots in investment research. Founders John Reese and Jack Forehand believe that the best way to outperform the market is to learn from those who have done so in the past…

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