Advisor Features

Account Types

We support individual, joint, IRA, custodial, trust, business, 401(k), and other account types online. more »

Stocks & ETFs

You can invest in almost all U.S. listed stocks, ADRs, and ETFs using our platform. more »

Mutual Funds

We offer a wide selection of mutual funds. more »

Cash Investments

We offer expanded FDIC insurance coverage for both principal and accrued interest through a network of Sweep Banks that participate in our FDIC sweep program. more »

Margin Borrowing

We offer margin borrowing for eligible accounts on our platform. more »


Window trading is a way to fill orders for longer-term investors. more »

Model Management

Create investment models and subscribe your clients’ portfolios. When you update and sync a model, our system will calculate all of the necessary trades to bring your subscribed client portfolios up to date and execute them at the next window. more »

Model Manager Exchange

If you would like to license the model portfolios or strategies you manage to other professionals who use Folio Institutional, our Model Manager Exchange service is the solution. more »