Advisor Connexion™

Advisor Connexion™ is a powerful new capability that can wholly transform your practice and give you the competitive advantage you need to grow your firm in unprecedented ways. With Advisor Connexion™, you can launch your own web-based advisory service to attract and engage investors who demand anytime/anywhere online service, while improving the way you serve existing clients. It is a customized, web-based suite of services that is seamlessly integrated with the existing Folio Institutional brokerage platform. And it is completely adaptable to how you and your clients prefer to interact. Its modular approach allows you to customize a mix of online and in-person advice, and it gives clients the choice of performing tasks online. For example, clients can complete time consuming procedures like account set-up and investor questionnaires securely online—even sign forms—while you can make investment recommendations or portfolio adjustments.

Advisor Connexion™ can also be used to create a self-directed, advised offering that can allow you to manage relationships that might not otherwise meet your minimum asset requirements. You can give these clients access to your investment portfolios and even control their investment choices, via a customizable questionnaire, with less direct service time.

While the personal advisor/client relationship continues to be a highly valued element of the investor experience, consumers have come to expect the convenience of an online component to how they interact with service providers. Advisor Connexion™ provides the best of both.


Advisor Control: Maintain full oversight of client accounts, and continue to provide your own expertise, while automating only the features that make the most sense for your business and your clients.

Access to New Client Segments: Deliver a highly personalized experience with significantly fewer resources and less direct service time. Serve new client segments, such as investors who prefer a more engaged online service model or those starting out with lower minimum investments.

Expansion Potential: Extend your reach far beyond your physical footprint. The elimination of geographic barriers and business-hour limitations make it possible to serve a region limited only by your licensed area.

Streamlined Back Office Costs: Reduce manual account set-up and activation costs and capture client assets faster and more seamlessly.

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Advisor Connexion™