Investing with Models

We make managing client accounts easy. One of the most powerful features of our system is the ability to easily build and maintain investment models. With our innovative tools, you can create an unlimited number of model portfolios that focus on particular sectors, investing styles, geographic regions, or any custom investment strategy you create.

When you invest for your clients, you can allocate their personalized portfolio using only models you’ve made, or build a portfolio that mixes your strategic models with personalized investments for each client. The choice is yours.

Using model Folios gives your business tremendous trading efficiency and scalability. You can update hundreds or even thousands of client accounts with just one click. Whenever you update a model, our platform can automatically calculate and execute all the individual trades necessary to update the holdings of every client that you’ve invested using your models, and with our window trades it can be commission-free.

At the same time, we provide seamlessly integrated tools that enable you to manage each clients’ holdings individually. We give you complete control, scalability, and flexibility in one easy-to-use platform.

Creating Model Portfolios

Building and maintaining model portfolios is simple. We provide you with a variety of stock screening and research tools. In addition, we offer over 140 “pre-assembled” models that we call Ready-to-Go Folios for you to choose from. You can even use a third party model manager if you wish.

We support your models with a variety of reporting and tracking tools. You can run performance reports against industry benchmarks, or back test your models to see past performance. We even provide a variety of model statistics like P/E ratios, betas, and much more.

Window Trading and Fractional Shares

We offer highly economical, dollar-based, fractional share trading through our innovative twice-daily trading windows. You can cost-effectively manage large or small models for your clients regardless of share prices and without burdensome trading fees. Our trading windows and fractional shares empower you to make decisions to buy and sell based on what’s right for your client—not based on the cost of trading.

The performance of your client’s investments will also more closely match your models when you invest for them using dollar amounts and fractional shares, instead of only making whole share purchases. You can more regularly invest smaller dollar amounts using fractional shares, and still get the full benefits of dollar cost averaging.

Allocations: Easy To Maintain Investing Strategies

We also offer Allocations, a powerful tool for simplifying the maintenance of strategically diversified portfolios. Allocations lets you create an overall weighted strategy from the models you use (e.g. 70% stocks, 20% bonds, 10% cash). To set up an allocation, you just have to select the models you want to include, set the desired weight of each model in the allocation, and you’re done. And just like individual models, whenever you update an allocation, we automatically update the holdings of your clients.

Creating allocations makes it easy to meet the wide range of strategic needs your clients have. You can even use multiple allocations for the same client. Keep an aggressively allocated IRA account and a conservatively allocated trust account for the same client, and maintain them both automatically.

Simple or complex models, asset allocations or personalized individual Folios. We make your model and client account portfolio management simple.