Tax Management: Your Advantage

Tax Downloads

We make tax time easier by providing tax information downloads for your clients using the standard “.txf” tax exchange format. Your clients, or their tax preparer, should be able to import the downloaded investment data into one of the many tax preparation products available in retail stores that support .txf files, for example H&R Block’s TaxCut or Intuit’s TurboTax.

Gain & Loss Tracker

We help you control tax liabilities. Our Gain and Loss Tracker will show you and your clients all of the realized and unrealized taxable gains and losses in their accounts, based on the specific tax relief settings you have chosen. You can access this data or change the relief settings at any time during the year, which makes it easier to maintain a tax plan for your clients.

Electronic Tax Documents

All tax documents are loaded into your clients’ secure online Statements & Tax Records. You, they, or their authorized tax preparer can easily view, download, and print tax documents at any time.