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Invest With Us: Analyze Changes

*Note: Depending on your user access level, and if you have an advisor who can access your account, some of the functions described here may not be available to you, or may be performed by your advisor.


If you click on a security’s symbol, a box will appear with information about the security.


A share is one unit of a security. If you are placing a dollar-based order, you may not get the number of shares listed because the price may change between the time you place your order and the time your order is executed.

You can buy and sell fractional shares through a window trade. For example, if you buy $100 worth of a security with a current price of $80 per share, we will add 1.25 shares to your Folio.


The total of each buy or sell order is based on the delayed quote at the time you enter your order. The actual execution price may change when the window closes and the order executes.

We calculate the Total, current and proposed, of each security using six decimal places, but we display that amount using only two decimal places. Due to this rounding, the sum of all prices in the Proposed column may not exactly equal the dollar amount of the order, which is listed at the top of the page next to “This Folio Order.”

Suppose you modified an order to buy $25 of a Folio that holds six securities in equal weights. Our system would buy $4.166667 of each security. But to display each price, we would round each order to $4.17. If you added the sum of all these rounded prices, you would get $25.02 instead of the actual order amount of $25.00.

Securities Actual Total
(Prior to Rounding)
Rounded Total
Security 1 $4.166667 $4.17
Security 2 $4.166667 $4.17
Security 3 $4.166667 $4.17
Security 4 $4.166667 $4.17
Security 5 $4.166667 $4.17
Security 6 $4.166667 $4.17
Total = $25.02


Each security in your Folio accounts for a percentage, or weight, of the entire value of your Folio. For instance, one security may account for 3% or 20% of the total value of your Folio, depending on how many securities you have and the security’s price on any given day.

Suppose you purchase $500 worth of IBM and $500 worth of Microsoft. The total value of your Folio is $1,000. The weight of IBM is 50% and the weight of Microsoft is 50%.

What if you purchase $750 worth of IBM and $250 worth of Microsoft? The total value of your Folio is still $1,000. In this example the weight of IBM is 75% and the weight of Microsoft is 25%.

Note that in all cases the total value of the weights, either 50% + 50%, or 75% + 25%, adds up to 100%.

Due to rounding, the weights listed on this page may not add up to 100% exactly.

Cash Available for Trading

This item tells you how much money you have in Cash to make a purchase.

If you need more money in your account,

  1. Click on the Accounts link.
  2. Find the account’s name and click on the drop-down box.
  3. Scroll through the drop-down box until you see your choices for getting money into your account.
  4. Select your choice and click on the Go button.

If this item indicates that you have a debit balance in your account, that you owe money, you will have to put money into your account before you can place an order.

Net Change in Cash Fund

When you modified the order, the total dollar amount was not reallocated. For example, if you removed a security from the order, the dollar amount that was set aside to buy or sell that security will be removed from the total dollar value of the order. It will not be reallocated to buy or sell more of the other securities in the order.

The “Net Change in Cash Fund” displays the overall change in dollar value after the modifications.

Price per Share

The price per share is the security’s price in the market. The quotes we display are based on a last transaction price that is 20 minutes old and may differ from the current price. Keep in mind that the last transaction may have occurred more than 20 minutes ago.