2010 Folio News

Active Trader? Check Out These Low-Fee Brokerages
(The Associated Press)

March 10, 2010 – A price war among the five largest discount brokerages means trade commissions are at their lowest levels ever. Yet they can be even lower at smaller firms.

If you want to keep commission costs down, Folio Investing charges a flat rate of $290 a year for unlimited trades. Keep in mind that the brokerage holds down execution costs by aggregating trades into two daily trading windows. If you want to place a trade outside of those windows you can pay an additional $3 per trade.

Otherwise, you can sign up for the basic plan and pay a commission of $4 per trade.

Another brokerage, Just2Trade, charges $2.50 per trade.

FOLIO (www.folioinvesting.com)

Trade commission: $290 a year for unlimited trades, $4 per trade otherwise

Options: Not available

Inactivity: None for the unlimited plan, $15 per quarter if you make less than four trades the previous quarter

Outgoing account transfer fee: $50 for full transfers

Account minimum: None