Timing the markets doesn’t pay—and when you follow the 5 Principles of Smarter Investing, short-term price fluctuations don’t matter. So we turned this into something you can really benefit from—Window Trades.

“Window Trading” is an innovative and patented way of executing orders that is designed for long-term investors. Instead of being executed immediately, orders are grouped together by side and symbol one or more times per day and executed.

Our Window Trading has advantages that include:

  • Window Trades are commission-free1 with the Folio Unlimited Plan.
  • Ability to buy and sell an entire portfolio in a single transaction.2
  • Ease of placing orders in dollar amounts rather than shares, with the ability to buy and sell both whole and fractional shares.3

Please consult our website for current Window Trade times and frequency.

The orders are collected until each Window Trade deadline, which occurs one or more times per day. Order processing generally begins soon after each deadline and, once completed, the grouped order can be routed for execution or executed by us in whole or part, depending on the size of the order and other factors (e.g., regulatory or voluntary restrictions that from prohibit us, but not you, from buying or selling a security). The time from the deadline passing to when your order is completed will depend on a variety of factors, including the grouped order size and market conditions. If your order is entered in a Window, it may not be fully executed prior to the start of the next Window. In that event you would not be able to place a subsequent order in the same symbol for the next Window. You can place only one order per folio in any given Window.


If you have three folios, A, B, and C, you can place one order for each folio in one Window. You cannot place two orders for Folio A in one Window.

1 For up to 2,000 security trades done as Window Trades per calendar month under our Folio Unlimited Plan; fifty cent ($0.50) fee for each additional security trade done as part of a Window Trade during that month.

2 Mutual fund orders may be done as Window Trades and held as part of a folio, but because of the way mutual funds trade, you will always receive the end of day pricing.

3 When you place orders in dollar amounts, we attempt buy or sell shares in amounts equivalent to dollar amount specified by you. However, due to the difference between the price we use to convert dollar amount instruction to shares and the actual execution price, there may be residual dollar amounts remaining, which remain in your client’s account.