What is a folio?

A collection of stocks, funds and/or ETFs that can be bought, sold, rebalanced, or customized in a single transaction. Investors can get a broadly diversified investment with the lower cost and flexibility that mutual fund investing can’t provide. You can customize your holdings, manage your taxable gains and losses, and much more.

Why use folios?

You get to combine one of the best aspects of mutual fund diversification with the benefits of owning individual securities through a traditional brokerage. Whether you decide to invest in our Ready-to-Go folios or create your own personalized folios, we help you become a successful investor through customized diversification.

What is a Ready-to-Go folio?

We offer more than 100 Ready-to-Go folios—specially designed investment portfolios built around a particular investing strategy—such as market sector, investing style, geographic location, or retirement focus.

How are we different from other online and discount brokers?

Other discount brokers require you to build a portfolio one security at a time. With us, you can not only build your whole portfolio, but also determine your investment preferences, establish your goals, and then create your portfolio in just a few steps.

How do we differ from mutual fund investing?

With us, you can buy entire portfolios, as well as individual stocks and funds. Unlike mutual funds, you actually own the underlying securities of your portfolio. This means that you are able to change your portfolio however and whenever you want.

Can I trade here like other brokerages?

Yes. In addition to our money-saving window trades, we offer market, limit, stop, and stop-limit trades for one low per-trade fee. See our pricing.