Filter Tax Lots

The tool will initially render a chart, using all open, short-term tax lots with both gains and losses. Tax lots for symbols held in non-folio holdings are not included. Select the term and gains/losses to narrow tax lots only to those that satisfy your filter criteria. Specify inclusions/exclusions at the symbol or tax lot level to filter tax lots even further. The values shown in “Tax Lot Info” will change to reflect your filter criteria.

Enter Gain/Loss & Cash Proceed Amounts

Enter the amount of cash you wish to generate and/or desired taxable gain or loss. Or enter either one of these values and then use the sliders to specify the remaining value. The point in the graph will move to correspond with the values displayed in the “Cash Proceeds” and “Gain/Loss” fields.

Order Options

Based on your specifications, you may have the option to select one or all of the following order options.

  • Reinvest
    Generate orders using FDIC.CASH in order to keep the proceeds of this sale within each folio.
  • Apply Security Exclusions
    Help manage wash sales by adding the selected securities to the account exclusion list for future transactions. You must remember to remove these exclusions after 30 days.
  • Override Security Exclusions
    Ignore previously excluded securities when placing this order.