What are the Transaction History page columns?

  1. Date

    The effective date of the transaction

  2. Transaction

    Describes the posted transaction

  3. Transaction Type

    Provides additional information about the transaction. For example, a buy order has three different types—window trade, market order (includes market, limit, stop, and stop-limit orders), or reinvestment order.

  4. Symbol

    Identifier for the security

  5. Name

    Name of the security

  6. Price

    The price involved in the transaction

  7. Quantity

    The quantity involved in the transaction

  8. Amount

    The amount of the transaction (calculated as: Price × Quantity)

  9. Folio

    The name of the folio where the transaction took place

  10. Commission

    Reports the commission amount, if applicable

  11. Notes

    Provides additional transaction information where applicable

How can I change the column order?

See our Custom Table Guide for directions on how to change the column order, resize columns, or add and remove columns.

What are the transaction categories and sub-categories?

  1. Deposits & Transfers in

    Includes checks, cash, and security transfers in, and other deposits

    • Cash & Bill Pay
      List all check and bill pay deposits
    • Wire & EFTs
      List all wire and EFT deposits
    • Transfers (in)
      List all cash and securities transferred into the folio or account
    • Miscellaneous Deposits
      List all miscellaneous deposits that do not have a specific transaction label
  2. Withdrawals & Transfers out

    Includes checks, cash, and security transfers out, and other withdrawals

    • Checks
      List all check withdrawals
    • Wire & EFTs
      List all wire and EFT withdrawals
    • Transfers (out)
      List all cash and securities transferred out of the folio or account
    • Miscellaneous Withdrawals
      List tax withholding and miscellaneous withdrawals.
  3. Trades

    All buys and sells including reinvestments

    • Buys
      List all buys except for reinvestments
    • Sells
      List all sells
    • Reinvestments
      List all reinvestments
  4. Distributions

    Includes dividends, interest, and other security distributions

    • Dividends
      List all paid dividends and dividend adjustments
    • Interest
      List all interest payments and interest adjustments
    • Capital Gain Distribution
      List long-term and short-term capital gains distributions
    • Stock Dividends
      List all paid stock dividends
    • Return of Capital
      List return of capital transactions
    • Cash Liquidations
      List cash distributions resulting from a merger or final security distribution
  5. Fees

    Includes all fees posted to an account or folio

    • Administrative
      All fees not considered investment management or trading expenses
    • Trading Expenses
      Fees directly or indirectly associated with the purchase of sale of securities
    • Investment Management
      Fees for investment management services
  6. Corporate Actions

    Includes special activity such as splits, mergers, and other corporate actions

    • Exchanges
      List all exchanges into or out of the folio or account
    • Mergers
      List merger transactions
    • Name Changes
      List security, and/or description changes
    • Stock Splits
      List all forward and reverse stock splits
    • Spin-offs
      List all spin-offs adjustment

What does the “Reset View” button do?

The “Reset View” button restores the table columns size and order to the original default.

What is the “Results Summary”?

The “Results Summary” table shows the count and dollar amount of transactions displayed in the results table below. If a column displays a transaction count, but no dollar amount then the particular transactions do not have an associated value. For example, “Name Change” transactions do not have a dollar value but they will still be counted under “Corporate Actions.”

How can I download and print my transactions?

By selecting the Download & Print icon you will download the transactions for the selected date range into a spreadsheet. You can print all of the downloaded information by selecting Print.

The “Software Downloads” dropdown menu allows you to download your transaction history into .QFX, .OFX, and .QIF formats. You will be asked to select a date range.

How can I search by security or dollar range?

There are additional search criteria available below Step 2 in the “Filter” section of the Transaction History page. Select the down arrow next to “Additional Search Criteria” to search by dollar amount or security. To hide these additional criteria select the arrow again.

What is the “Show Cash Sweep Transactions” checkbox?

Select the checkbox under “Additional Search Criteria” to show cash sweep transactions. Cash sweep transactions reflect the movement of cash after certain types of transactions. These transactions are hidden by default since in most cases they are not directly initiated by you. For example, a $10 dividend that is paid to a folio is then moved to Cash as a purchase. To display these cash purchase transactions select the checkbox.

Why is the page taking long to return results?

If your account or folio has many transactions over the selected date range then the page could take extra time since there are many transactions to search through.