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Target Date folios provide a simple and efficient way to manage investments for long-term goals. These easy-to-manage security portfolios are adjusted over time so as to maintain a balance of performance and volatility.

They seek to increase your potential return, while reducing risk over time to protect your investments more carefully as your retirement approaches. All you need to do is rebalance your holdings when the models are changed.

The Folio Investing Approach

Target Date Folio Whitepaper

Folio Institutional’s Target Date folios were designed to offer better diversification and risk management than traditional target date funds. For a performance comparison, along with graphs that depict the folios’ glide paths, see our whitepaper Improving Target Date Offerings: Lessons Proven.

This whitepaper was cited by James K. Glassman, Contributing Editor, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, in the September 2012 magazine article, “Why Target-Date Funds Are Off-Target for Many Investors. Target-date funds might be a bigger gamble than you’re willing to take. Folio Investing offers portfolios with different levels of risk.

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