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Ready-to-Go Folios: Mid-Cap Value Folio

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The Mid-Cap Value folio was developed for investors seeking aggressive long-term capital appreciation with higher volatility.


The Mid-Cap Value folio consists of companies that appear undervalued based on their price-to-book ratio, in comparison to the overall market. Mid-cap companies are defined as having market capitalizations between $1.7 billion and $11 billion USD.

A value approach seeks to identify companies whose stock prices do not appear to reflect their underlying values. Mid-caps typically offer greater return potential than large established firms and involve less risk than small-caps. By investing in stocks that already appear to be out of favor or undervalued, the folio is intended to be less volatile than investing in growth stocks. The broad diversification of this folio makes it less volatile than mid-cap value funds, which are generally more concentrated portfolios.

Last Updated: April 23, 2018

Category: Investment Style
Inception Date: 2000-04-05 00:00:00.0
Date Funded: 2009-08-31*

  Folio S&P 500
One Month 3.27% 3.29%
Three Month -6.75% -5.44%
Year to Date -3.73% 0.45%
One Year 14.98% 15.95%
Three year
5.71% 10.31%
Five Year
10.59% 13.41%
Since Inception 10.18% N/A
1 Year Volatility 12.7% 12.11%

* Returns reflect model performance from the Inception Date to the Date Funded, and funded performance since the Date Funded, if funded. Your returns may deviate significantly from the values displayed here, due to many factors, including how long after a strategy has been updated that you place orders to update your holdings.

(% of Folio)
1AANaarons, inc. cl a3.34%
2ABMabm inds inc3.33%
3ACHCacadia healthcare company inc new3.34%
4AGIIargo group intl hldgs ltd com3.33%
5ALair lease corp cl a3.33%
6AMHamerican homes 4 rent cl a3.33%
7AXLamerican axle & mfg hldgs inc3.33%
8Bbarnes group inc3.34%
9BWPboardwalk pipeline ptnrs lp ut ltd partn3.33%
10CIENciena corp com new3.33%
11CNOconseco inc com new3.34%
12DISCAdiscovery communicatns new com ser a3.33%
13DISCBdiscovery communications new com ser b3.34%
14DMdominion energy midstream partners lp u3.33%
15EVHCenvision healthcare corp com3.34%
16GPIgroup 1 automotive inc3.33%
17GXPgreat plains energy inc3.33%
18KFYkorn ferry intl new3.33%
19MICmacquarie infrastructure co tr sh ben i3.33%
20MOG.Bmoog inc cl b3.33%
21MTHmeritage homes corp3.34%
22NEXAnexa res s a com3.33%
23NOMDnomad hldgs ltd usd ord shs3.33%
24NTCTnetscout sys inc3.34%
25PEGIpattern energy group inc cl a3.33%
26PGREparamount group inc com3.34%
27POSTpost holdings inc new3.33%
28SYNHsyneos health inc cl a3.33%
29TIVOtivo corp3.33%
30TWOtwo hbrs invt corp3.34%

Steps to Create This Folio

  1. We identified mid-cap stocks as those having market capitalizations between $1.7 billion and $11 billion.
  2. We determined the average price-to-book and price-to-earnings ratios in a given sector.
  3. We screened for stocks with low price-to-earnings and price-to-book ratios compared to the sector average.
  4. We ranked these mid-cap stocks and targeted the sector weights to be comparable to those of the S&P 500..
  5. We equally weighted all securities in the folio.

Number of Securities

There are generally 30 securities in the folio.

Update Frequency


If the characteristics of the Folio have changed substantially, the securities included may change. Also, corporate actions, such as a merger, or other events may cause changes to the securities held at any time. Your returns may deviate significantly from the values displayed here, due to many factors, including how long after a Folio has been updated that you place orders to update your holdings.