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Ready-to-Go Folios: MyPlanIQ SAA Folios

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MyPlanIQ Folios are created and maintained by MyPlanIQ using a Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) strategy. This SAA strategy is based on modern portfolio theory (MPT) with emphasis on diversification and investment selection within each major asset class.

These are long term core portfolios using liquid ETFs for each major asset class. These Folios are designed to provide reasonable returns with lower risk than less diversified investments.

Once at MyPlanIQ you can also learn about our Tactical Asset Allocation models and Folios. These are available for a low monthly fee and are designed to provide higher overall returns by shifting dynamically between major asset classes using asset trends. Learn More

Last Updated: February 21, 2020
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

1 Mo
3 Mo
MyPlanIQ SAA Growth 08/12/10 1.23% 6.05% 6.58%
MyPlanIQ SAA Balanced 08/12/10 1.35% 6.02% 5.74%
MyPlanIQ SAA Moderate 08/12/10 0.93% 4.86% 5.68%
MyPlanIQ SAA Conservative 08/12/10 1.39% 5.23% 4.81%
MyPlanIQ SAA Very Cons 08/12/10 0.97% 3.39% 3.74%

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
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