Private Placements – FOLIOfn What’s Next™

Folio Institutional offers a breadth of capabilities that make the entire private placement process easier, faster and more cost-efficient. Our solution enables those building or seeking to offer private placements to get to market much faster, with far lower cost and technology and implementation risk. We provide a modular solution that can be assembled to suit your needs, all the way to a complete end-to-end solution, including online, automated offer creation and management to document distribution, to back-end clearing, custody and settlement services. Built on a proven brokerage platform that supports billions of investor dollars today and over 400 financial firms from some of the world’s largest to start-ups, it also provides built-in regulatory compliance and account protections that savvy investors have come to know and expect.


Reduced Business Risk and Cost, Faster Time to Market: For those building out new platforms or creating private placement offerings, get to market faster with considerable savings, better control, more certainty and protection for investors and with much less technical and regulatory risk.

Improved Efficiency and Accuracy, Reduced Offering Expenses: Online offer creation and management, eDocument distribution and tracking, and online subscription processing with no escrows or third-party banks needed, along with the automation of manual, resource-intensive processes, all allow for the previously expensive private placement process to be made with significant cost savings, increased visibility and a far better investor and issuer experience.

Issuers Enjoy Book Entry Benefits: With one omnibus holding at the custodian level, issuers reduce ongoing costs, obtain all the information they need and want, and have restrictions automatically maintained.

A Leveraged Solution: With our time tested, independent brokerage platform, investors have the access, ease and convenience of an online brokerage account, along with a full complement of sophisticated features including applicable IRS reporting, tax tracking, SPIC and FDIC protections, independent record-keeping, online access to statements, confirmations, tax documents and transaction history.

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