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Top Performing Ready-to-Go Folios

1 Year Return
Zacks Momentum Anomaly 50.94%
Aerospace 50.39%
Small-Cap Growth 49.66%
Military Procurement 48.32%
Internet 47.04%
S&P 500

Updated: April 17, 2014

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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1. We won’t begin charging monthly fees until two months after you deposit funds into your account. Charges for special services or market, limit, stop and stop/limit orders will apply.

2. In the extraordinarily unlikely event that you have one or a combination of trading strategies where the total number of securities you trade in windows exceeds the incredibly high threshold of 2,000 in a calendar month we will charge a fifty cent ($0.50) fee for each additional security trade in a trading window over 2,000 in a calendar month which is more than most customers need or want. Most U.S. listed stocks, ADRs and ETFs are available in trading windows. We do not support most Pink Sheet, Bulletin Board or debt securities.