Plan Administration and Costs: For Plan Sponsors

Plan Administration

Folio Institutional provides custody for the plan assets and the brokerage services with which the fiduciaries manage the plan’s investments. Alliance Benefit Group Carolinas serves as the Third Party Adminstrator (“TPA”) for all Folio(k)™ plans, providing all administration, recordkeeping, and compliance reporting. For more information about Alliance Benefit Group Carolinas, please see their website at You as the Plan Sponsor will serve as the fiduciary and manage the plan investments.

Cost Structure

If you decide to hire a financial professional to manage the investments available in your plan, their fee will be added to the total average administrative cost provided below.

Custodial Services 25 bps
Recordkeeping and Administrative Services1 45 bps
Average ETF Internal Investment Expense Ratios2 25 bps
Total Average Cost3 0.95% of plan assets

Available Add-On Services

1. Minimum fees apply. Minimum fee is the greater of $600 per quarter or 45 bps on total plan assets.

2. Assumes Target Date Folios and the included ETFs are the exclusive investment choices for the plan. The disclosed expense of approximately 95 bps includes those current ETF expense ratios (so there is no charge made to the plan for these amounts). Mutual Funds or ETFs other than those in our Target Date Folios that charge separate transaction or asset-based fees may increase/decrease the ratio. Folio Institutional has no control over these expense charges.

3. Assumes no professional financial advisor or other financial consultant. If you choose to hire a financial professional, their fee will be in addition to the total average administrative cost provided above.