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Young Planner Gets Unusual Experience
(Investment News)

December 14, 2014 – Layton Cox…is helping [Pathways Financial Partners] start an online advice platform to be called My Pathway. …[T]he digital platform will focus on serving younger investors and those with smaller sums to invest. Folio Institutional technology will power the back end of the system, and clients of My Pathway will pay a total of about 1% on assets… Read more.

5 Year-End Tax Tips for Investors
(U.S. News & World Report)

December 3, 2014 — On top of holiday preparations and celebrations in December, there are some year-end financial tasks that require attention. Many of those tasks on the financial to-do list have a tax component—specifically, avoiding unnecessary taxes on your investments, or worse, incurring a penalty. Read more.

FAs Name Their Favorites in Technology
(Financial Advisor IQ)

December 2, 2014 — The publication’s annual technology survey polled advisors on their satisfaction with custodians and broker-dealers and the usefulness of their various tool types. Then it ranked brands within each category. The survey includes responses from advisors who specialize in accounting and insurance services as well as financial planners. Read more.

The SEC Is Broken

November 24, 2014 — The Securities and Exchange Commission has three primary mandates: to protect investors; to maintain fair, orderly and efficient markets; and to facilitate capital formation. However, as the commission has demonstrated in recent years, especially since it took on the massive job of implementing the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, it is a broken agency that is failing to do its job. Read more.

An Unexpected Innovation for Equity Crowdfunding

November 7, 2014 — The FOLIOfn closing process offers different modules, or functionality, to conform to the type of offering, be it debt, equity, or certificates of revenue participation. Read more.

Folio Investing Aims to Change the Way People Invest In and Manage Private Securities

October 22, 2014 — Folio Investing has a lofty goal: it wants to make the management of private securities as simple as public ones. If the company succeeds, it can have drastic effects on the private placement and the emerging equity crowdfunding industries by filling a number of clear needs. Read more.

Custodians Jump Into The Robo Game
(Investment News)

October 20, 2014 — Custodians, those longtime third-party guardians of customer securities, are launching new products that give traditional registered investment advisers the technology to compete against so-called robo-advisers. Read more.

An Alternative Approach to Investing in Stocks
(Consumer Reports)

September 19, 2014 — Although it offers more sober, prefabricated investments, such as the all-in-one portĀ­folios akin to target-date funds, [Folio] also allows you to construct a portfolio of up to 100 individual stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds weighted to your specifications. Read more.

Folio Investing Review – Build Your Own Folios
(Investor Junkie)

September 9, 2014 — Folio Investing offers a comfortable blend of prepackaged investment folios, plus the ability to create and customize your own folios. This can be the perfect mix for the person who wants to control his or her own investment strategies, but also wants the option of having access to broker prepared investment packages. Read more.

Changing The Oil in Your 401(k)

August 22, 2014 — Many default and go to a broker, which is a bad choice because their business is selling securities, not advice. Fortunately, there are many alternatives. Read more.

Robot Advice for ETFs
(Wall Street Journal)

August 3, 2014 — Several online brokers now offer tools that make it easier for investors to put together an ETF portfolio that gives them the exposure they want to various market sectors, and to keep those allocations on target through market ups and downs. Read more.

Meet the Global Market Portfolio—The ‘Optimal Portfolio For The Average Investor’

July 30, 2014 — The Global Market Portfolio is the weighted sum of every asset in the world. Your investment journey begins and ends here with a single click. Read more.

4 New Advisor Tech Trends
(Financial Planning)

March 13, 2014 — For advisors, technological change can seem both lightning fast and very slow. Read more.

When Smaller Is Better
(Financial Advisor)

January 2, 2014 — All custodians try to differentiate themselves from the competition, and they all have some unique aspects to their offering, but Folio Institutional really is different. Read more.

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